The New Westminster Curling Club (1955-1966)

The four-sheet curling club originally named the New Westminster Curling Club was built in 1955 on the Scott Paper site, subsequently sold in May 1965 to Scott Paper and converted to a warehouse for paper products. The building is still being used today.

The New Westminster Curling Club - Outside View
The New Westminster Curling Club

The New Royal City Curling Club (1965+)

Construction of the now Royal City Curling Club began in August 1965 and was completed early January 1966, just in time for the Dogwood bonspiel.

The club’s first President was George Reid, the first manager was Bob Kelly, and the first ice maker was Don Bowman. Our members have contributed to a contingency fun allowing us to renovate over the years and maintain a state of the art facility.

The Tradition

There has always been a tradition in the game of curling.  It comes from hundreds of years ago in Scotland. There was a resolution adopted by the Duddingston Curling society in 1804 that went like this:

Resolved that the sole object of this institution is the enjoyment of the game of curling which, while it adds vigor to the body, contributes to vivacity of mind and the promotion of the social and generous feelings.”

At the Royal City Curling Club, we want to keep the tradition going. We encourage warm handshakes before and after the game and sitting with the opposition after the game, to get to know one another and share in a few lies and maybe even “tip a few”.

That’s the reason why the Royal City Curling Club has such a warm feeling when you come here and curl. Traditions are Important.