Royal City Junior – Greater Vancouver Youth Curling League

Sunday – 8 am to 10 am (Royal City CC Games)
Sunday – 9:10 am to 11:10 am (Marpole CC Games, including teams from Vancouver CC)

League Fees – $120 / person (4 person team) + GST for 8 game (half) season. You can register for both halves of the season at the beginning of the year.

Royal City CC has moved our Junior League to a new time, 8-10 am on Sunday morning! And we have teamed up with our friends at the Vancouver Curling Club and Marpole Curling Club for some competition between our clubs!

We will be running an Open format, and we will try to match teams up based upon their skill level. So, whether you have some experience, a little bit of experience, or you haven’t played in an organized league before, there is a spot for you!

We are planning to play in two half-seasons of 8 games each (Oct – Dec and Jan – Mar).

You can register as a team, or as an individual and we can place you on teams. Our league is ideal for newer or intermediate curlers with a minimum of one year of junior / high school program experience (or less – please ask our junior coordinator if you think you are ready to play and do not have a year’s worth of experience). And you do not have to currently be part of our junior or high school programs to participate, as long as you have some experience.

Games will consist of 6 ends or more (as time permits), with coaches being allowed on the ice to help with game play. Clubs will provide one coach per sheet, but teams are permitted to have their own coaches.

Game times will be slightly different, depending on where your game is scheduled. All teams will play an “home and away” schedule against other teams in your group, which means you will be going to the Marpole Curling Club on occasion to play games there. And teams from Vancouver and Marpole will be coming to Royal City CC to play games here.

Royal City CC hosted games will be from 8 am to 10 am on Sundays. Games at Marpole CC will be 9:10 to 11:10 am on Sunday, and they will be hosting Vancouver CC teams home games at the same time.

All junior curlers who are interested in playing are encouraged to contact our junior coordinator, Chris Summers at for further details.

We are also looking for coaches who would be willing to help with this league. Please contact the league coordinator for details.