2021/2022 Royal City Curling Club – Return to Curling Guidelines

26 August 2021

*Current health guidelines are a living document and will continue to be modified based on updated guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, the local health authority, Curling Canada, and Curl BC*


  1. The safety and well-being of our member’s is our top priority.
  2. Royal City commits to following the guidelines set out by its local health authority and recommendations made by Curling Canada and CurlBC’s Return to Curling Guidelines.
  3. Royal City commits to clear communication to its membership by providing regular updates through social media, email, the website, and member surveys.

  4. Following the PHO’s announcement on August 24th 2021, all curlers, visitors, and staff born in 2009 or earlier (12+) will need to show proof of at least one COVID-19 vaccination by September 13th 2021, and full immunization by October 24th 2021. Proof of vaccination will be demonstrated using the BC vaccine card website in accordance with direction by the PHO.
  5. As per updated guidance from the PHO, there are no exceptions for curlers, visitors, or staff who are medically exempt from vaccination.
  6. Little Rockers (U-12): All little rockers will be required to wear a mask in all common areas. It is recommended little rockers wear a mask on the ice. This aligns with the PHO’s updated mask policy announced on August 24th, 2021. Little rockers are restricted to the following time slots:
    a. Friday 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Junior League)
    b. Saturday 12:30pm-4:00pm (Junior Program)

  7. Royal City requires all curlers, visitors, and staff to wear masks in all common areas including the lobby, pro shop, change rooms, washrooms, leading to your sheet of ice, and leading to your seat in the lounge. Masks are required in the lounge when not seated, including in the bar line up and when leaving the facility.
  8. Curlers are permitted to remove their mask during on ice play or practice.
  9. Page 23 of the Curling Canada and CurlBC’s Return to Curling Guidelines document provides many helpful hints on how to properly use non-medical masks and face coverings.

  10. Royal City strongly recommends curlers physically distance on the ice, and in the lounge area outside of your regular team. Curlers are encouraged to follow on-ice and lounge decals to assist with this.

  11. Royal City will adopt page 8 of Curling Canada and CurlBC’s Return to Curling Guidelines recommendations around food & beverage.
  12. Prior to opening, Club Management will work with the kitchen and all staff to ensure these guidelines are in place.

  13. Before the start of the season all curlers, private rentals, and other guests will be required to sign a:
    a. Declaration of Compliance for COVID-19 including vaccination declaration
    b. Waiver / Assumption of Risk form
    If you do not sign these forms, you will be unable to curl at Royal City this year.

  14. Royal City will maintain regular cleaning protocols, including extra attention to disinfecting high-touch surfaces.
  15. Royal City will provide hand sanitizer, wipes, and access to soap and paper towels in the washrooms.
  16. Royal City will use pages 19 & 20 of the Curling Canada & CurlBC’s Return to Curling Guidelines document regarding additional cleaning protocols.

  17. Royal City will provide rental equipment (brooms and sliders) to those who require it. Used brooms and sliders will be put in a “used” bin and properly disinfected before re-use.
  18. Curling stones: wipes will be provided on each sheet for teams to properly disinfect handles before use.

  19. Men’s and ladies change rooms and washrooms will re-open as normal. Masks are mandatory in these areas.

  20. Tables: Green check mark signals the table and chair handles are clean. Red X signals table has been used and needs to be sanitized by bar staff. Once you leave your table please turn laminated green X upside down to red X.
  21. Recommendation to sit with your team only.
  22. Exit the lounge by back stairway to the North onto Cumberland street OR use the main stairs and exit through the service entrance door.

  23. No handshakes permitted, instead give a friendly wave or broom tap.
    *Current health guidelines allow for “normal” curling. Based on evolving health guidelines, modified rules could be implemented such as a mask mandate on the ice, 1 sweeper, etc. There will be no fee reimbursements for curlers who cannot adapt to updated modifications. *

  24. Bonspiels are scheduled for the 2021-2022 season. The covid-19 committee will work with Club Management to assess proper protocols and will communicate them closer to the start of each event.