Wednesday Open Doubles


Season: September – March

Time: Wednesday – 9:00 pm

Wednesday Open Doubles at the Royal City is all about fostering fun, inclusivity and skill development in Curling’s fastest growing format. Current league teams represent a diverse mix of age, gender, skill sets and goals. Come join us as a single, double or larger team.

We follow Curling Canada “Mixed Doubles Curling” Rules (other than gender rules, as our league is open to ALL gender combinations) Click here for details.

League Coordinators: Frank O’driscoll & Daniel Wenzek


Sunday Night Open Mixed

Season: October – March
Time: Curling starts at 6:30 pm every Sunday

This is a s very social open mixed league. Teams can be any combination with at least one player of the opposite sex.

League Coordinator: Dana Page

Please contact Dana for more information.

Alternate Saturday Night Mixed / Open

Season: October – March (approx. every other Saturday)

Three different mixed leagues play every other Saturday night.
You only curl 2 to 3 times a month.
Teams, couples and singles welcome.


League #1 – Novice Curlers! Minimal experience (if any)
This league ALWAYS plays at the same time (4 pm).

League Coordinator: Miranda McNamara

League #2 – For those with little skill.

This league alternates with League #3 and rotate time slots to play at either 6 pm or 8 pm.

League Coordinator: Courtney Woo

League #3 – A variety of skill levels.

This league alternates with League #2 and rotates time slots to play at either 6 pm or 8 pm.

League Coordinator: Larry Tetlock

Please contact Miranda, Courtney or Larry for more information.

Friday Night Mixed League

Season: October – March

Time: This league curls every Friday at 9:00 pm

A mixed league just out for a good time.
Singles, couples and teams welcome.

League Coordinators:

Sandy Thomson

Cathy Cordell

Please contact Sandy or Cathy for more information.

Friday Night TGIF

Season: September – March

Time: This adult mixed fun league curls every Friday night at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

League Coordinator:

Contact: Rob Callahan

Please contact Rob for more information.

Friday Night (Coastal)

Season: October thru March
Time: Friday at 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm excluding holiday weekends

This is the longest running league in BC, originally founded by construction tradespeople, contractors, suppliers and engineers.  Our league is now open to everyone including rookies and experts, both individuals and company sponsored teams.  The start time gets you out of the office a little early on Fridays, while leaving your whole night open so the spouse won’t mind!

League Coordinator:

Contact: Manford Hanevelt
Text/Phone: 778-772-1306

Please contact Manford for more information.

Wednesday Westwood League

Season: October – March
A mixed league that curls every Wednesday at 7:00 pm 

This is a mixed league where teams are drawn at random. This is a great way to meet new people and have a great time.

League Coordinator: Diana Gunn
Tel: 604.521.8761

Please contact Diana for more information.

Wednesday Mixed Early Birds

Season: October – March

Time: This league curls every Wednesday at 5:00pm.

The Wednesday Earlybird mixed league is a great place for beginner and experienced curlers. We are a friendly league that promotes the social aspect of curling.

Unlike many leagues, we do not accept pre-set teams — all teams are set at the beginning of the season by our executive, to create a competitive balance and to allow everyone to mix and get to know each other. Individuals and couples are encouraged to join.

We have a “dust off the rust” curling clinic at the beginning of each season to help people new to the sport learn the basics. It is also a night to meet your new teammates. Our season starts early October and ends mid March.

If you are new to curling or have decided to return, we are your league.

For more information email Kate Russell at


League Coordinator: Kate Russell


Please contact Kate for more information.

Wednesday Daytime Senior Mixed League

Season: Mid September – March
Time: This league curls every Wednesday at 11:45am & 2:00pm.

A true Mixed League for those 50 +
Very social!

League Coordinator: Dennis Araki
Phone: 604.520.0628

Please contact Dennis for more information.

Tues/Thurs. Daytime Ladies

Season: Begins 3rd week of September

Time: Tuesdays 9:30am; Thursdays, 8:30am, 10:30am & 10:45am

A fun and actively social league that caters to both novice and experienced players. Note that Tuesday and Thursday are separate leagues.  Chose to play one day or both.  All ladies welcome – whatever your experience.

This league is part of the Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association (PCMCA) a society whose primary purpose is to promote the sport of curling through fun and competitive events both at the Club level and the Provincial level.  Find out more about the PCMCA.

League Coordinator: Vicki Jermyn  Email:

Please contact Vicki for more information.