Hello everyone:  

As stated in last week’s announcement, I have been sitting atop of the COVID-19 situation on a continual basis.  Staff have been putting in extra hours to keep the Club in the best shape possible and the Board has been making sure we are following best practices as outlined by various Provincial and Federal health guidelines.

That said, it has been decided that we need to close our doors on the season sooner than expected as per guidelines outlined by BC Health and the BC Center for Disease Control.   We must all do our part to help lessen the impact of viral spread and keep our families and communities safe.  I had hoped with our increased efforts at the Club we could continue providing leisure activities for many of you, however the situation is no longer under my control.

Please stay tuned for further announcements from RCCC as we are not finished our work here.  The Board will continue moving things along, albeit in a much different fashion than we are used to, but our commitment to our members and our home is still strong.

As this is a rapid, unprecedented adjustment to our season, management and the Board will require a bit of time to process how to resolve the season, so please be patient with us so we can formulate prudent, sound responses to losing these last weeks of our season.  We will have information to send to league coordinators as soon as possible.  We will later announce available times the Club will be open to collect any belongings you may still have there.  


Geoff Krawchuk,
President, Royal City Curling Club