Due to the sudden cancellation of the curling season many of you have left your curling equipment here at the Club locked away in your lockers. So that you my collect these items, or any items left elsewhere in the club, we will be open the following hours:

Thursday, March 19th 10AM to 3PM
Saturday, March 21st 10AM to 3PM
Monday, March 23rd 3PM to 7PM
Tuesday, March 24th 10AM to 3PM

While it is normal practice to clear out the lockers at the end of each curling season that has not always happened, a few leaving their curling equipment behind. In light of the current virus climate it is imperative the lockers be cleared out to allow for proper cleaning. We do not want to be in the position of having to cut locks off to complete the cleaning process.

Thank you all for your cooperation, and we look forward to having you all back next season.

Stay safe!
Your RCCC Staff