June 2020 – Covid19 Update

Hello Royal City Members :  

I write to you with glad tidings in this troublesome time. I know it has been some time since my last letter, and I want to break the ice with you- my extended curling family- to share some good news in a world where good news is hard to come by.

Even though curling had stopped abruptly and without warning way back on March 16th, your Board of Directors has been hard at work planning for our future where COVID-19 is among us every step we take. I am happy to report that we are in a solid financial position with the help from government programs, as well as cost savings initiatives we’ve implemented over the last few seasons. Yes, we have lost invaluable time together, but I feel we will be able to successfully move forward without having to further tax an already struggling society. With the challenges some of us have faced with reduced employment, a shortage of income, and the all too familiar ‘stay at home’ orders, I can truthfully tell you that RCCC will be here for you if the opportunity exists to continue curling once more.

With that, I want to inform you of where the Club is at right now, and what we are working towards in the coming months. As of this writing, we are constantly discussing and sharing information at the Board level on how we can operate a safe and inviting atmosphere in New Westminster for everyone to enjoy, all the while still being vigilant of the threat that is the Coronavirus. We have formed our own COVID-19 Committee where we are looking into how to host curling in a socially responsible way through discussion with sport organizations, health departments and peer to peer communication. We hope this will help aim us in the right direction for an eventual reopening. But make no mistake: if the conditions aren’t right to lower our collective risk, curling will not resume.

We are also working on hosting our first-ever video AGM. We are planning to hold this event July 9th… where we hope some clarity will be available from our Public Health Agencies. Curl BC is working with a multitude of sport agencies to create guidelines for clubs to open safely. Please check their website for further information. Once the possibility of a season becomes clearer, we want to host many of you at our annual meeting to discuss RCCC’s future as well as to update you with our plans. Look for information on our Facebook page and website.

The Board wishes you all the best in this trying time, and we will keep you up to date as best we can in the weeks ahead.

Stay safe, everyone.

Geoff Krawchuk,
President, Royal City Curling Club